There’s a New Town in Town

Introducing Baseline

A new district at the intersection of urban life and outdoor adventure that completes the Denver/Boulder triangle. A home for business and community alike. Created for people who are social by nature, who value experiences over things, and who regularly gaze west towards the Rockies to remind themselves why they live in Colorado.

We Believe

That pedestrians always have the right of way. That life happens at all times of the day and night. That you shouldn’t have to choose between an energetic urban vibe and a quiet relaxing natural vibe.

We believe that design matters. That everything should have a purpose, and in fact, the best things have many purposes. That there will always be an appetite for new, for better, and for smarter.

We believe that people need their space, but they also need each other.

We believe that everything is connected. And that we should do our part to enhance these connections wherever possible: home to business, city to nature, people to each other, now to the future.


A New Center of Gravity

Baseline, named for its location along Baseline Road, will be the region’s new go-to destination – part dining district, part beer garden, part business hub. It’ll stand as a new economic center for the region and a new way to live in Broomfield.

Beneath the spectacular Front Range, directly north of downtown Denver, east of Boulder, and northwest of DIA, Baseline is the new central. At the junction of I-25, E-470 and the Northwest Parkway, and, of course, Baseline Road, the location offers easy access to the heart of Boulder and the mountains beyond.

20 minutes

Downtown Denver

25 minutes

Downtown Boulder

25 minutes

Denver International Airport

40 minutes

Denver Tech Center

25-90 minutes

Higher Education

(CU Boulder, CU Denver, Univ. of Northern Colorado, University of Denver, Colorado State University)

A Complete Community

1,100 acres of inspired walkable/bikable mixed-use infill development

145 acres of natural and recreational open space

Up to 17.2 million square feet of commercial space

6,205 homes, ranging from single-family to apartments

It’s all right here

Shopping, dining and cultural venues live side-by-side with office, research and medical spaces – and a variety of ways to live.

Center Street

The butcher, the baker and the cross-pollinator.

Anchored by the Butterfly Pavilion, Center Street will feature unique shops, essential services and farm-to-table restaurants. The public square will be a lively place, activated for a variety of events and the lost art of people watching. A place that changes from season to season, day to day and hour to hour.

City with a Side of Nature

Here, you are never far from nature. To the west, vistas of the Rocky Mountains serve as a backdrop to city life. A productive pollinator-friendly landscape supports a beautiful ecosystem. Trails wind through Baseline’s central park, linking one district to another. And “outdoor living rooms” engage the community with Baseline’s natural spaces.

The Butterfly Effect

A smart, productive and purposeful ecosystem.

Pollinator-Friendly Landscapes

Baseline will include a first-of-its-kind pollinator-friendly model, where birds, bees and butterflies find healthy habitat. Which also provides a nice habitat for humans among the flowers and trees … to take a lunch or a casual meeting on a sunny day. Guided by the Butterfly Pavilion, it sets a new standard for sustainability.

Educational Synergy

Baseline STEM school students will be exposed to a world of knowledge every day. Thanks to educational partners like the Butterfly Pavilion and a satellite branch of the Broomfield Library, learning and collaboration opportunities are greater than the sum of Baseline’s parts.

Farm to table

A series of three- to five-acre farms managed by resident farmers and benefitting from the pollinator-friendly model will enhance the land with a new age of agrarian use. A variety of seasonal, sustainable products will be sown, grown and harvested for local use in Center Street shops and collaborating farm-to-table restaurants.


We create innovative places. Friendly, welcoming places that bring people together with a vibrant urban sensibility and an artful touch. We understand that human needs and lifestyle choices are evolving rapidly. And that your requirements, as a forward-thinking business, are evolving right along with them. In short, you want to be where your employees and customers want to be. And that leads us to some interesting ideas about town and community. Work and play. Nature and human nature. And the very notion of a life well lived. It’s this kind of thinking that has propelled us from the creation of Centerra in Loveland to the revitalization of Denver’s iconic Union Station to the unique conception of Dairy Block in LoDo. And now on to Baseline.

We hope you will join us.

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