Can your place of business be a competitive advantage? Baseline’s planned mix of parks, trails, retail, recreation, entertainment and eateries will create a lifestyle that helps in recruiting and retaining top talent.

A healthy
mix of uses.

In the course of a work day, Baseline’s plan will make it possible to go for a trail ride, grab a cappuccino, pick up fresh flowers, meet for happy hour and enjoy a farm-to-table dinner. While actually getting some work done in between, of course.

Map of Baseline, the Denver/Boulder region's new economic hub
Baseline is designed to be the Denver/Boulder region’s new economic center of gravity.
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In today’s world we demand more from the communities where we live and work. Communities must contribute to the greater good while fostering deeper local connections.
Rendering of the Center Street District at Baseline, with retail space for rent in Broomfield
Icon representing that 203k vehicles pass Baseline on I-25 per day

Retail Space

The Center Street Business District will be the heart of Baseline. Where brew-masters, chefs and fitness companies perfect their craft and purvey their goods. In a collaborative environment and an enthusiastic marketplace that celebrates fresh food and Colorado’s active lifestyle. If you’re looking for a nice place to raise your company, join us right here.

Retail space for lease

  • Robb Brown
    Director of Retail & Placemaking
Rendering of the Center Street District at Baseline, with commercial office space for rent in Broomfield
Icon representing that 49% of people age 25+ have a Bachelor's Degree or higher

Office and Creative Office Space

The way people work together is changing. So we’re designing the next-generation of build-to-suit, Class-A office space, as well as flex/creative office space, for companies that need extra room for inventory, prototyping and experimentation. Think, raise the glass bay doors and let the fresh ideas flow in. Baseline is your headquarters for new ways to office – surrounded by a highly educated workforce – in a place your team wants to be.

Office space for lease

  • Center Street District
  • Baseline InDUSTRY District
Renderings of Baseline's Flex Industrial Complex with built-to-suit, industrial space for lease in Broomfield

Industrial Space

We are a nation of creators. Industry didn’t just build a great economy, it built a great country. The proud tradition of turning science, technology, engineering and math into thriving companies continues at Baseline in the build-to-suit Innovation District. We’ve already welcomed some top brands to our first two buildings, including: RigUp, QED Electric, Bega Lighting, CML security and ABS Associated Building Specialties. Talk to us about our next two STEM-friendly buildings.

STEM Industrial space for lease