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Our 1,100-acre master-planned community is focused on three principles: environmental stewardship, healthy living and innovation. For instance, Baseline is Colorado’s first Pollinator District, meaning the use of native plants and pollinator-friendly practices will restore habitat for birds, bees, butterflies and even some mammals. Also, rather than being purely residential, Baseline is planned as a mix of dining, retail, creative office, and energy-efficient residential properties. As well as a mix of parks, and natural and recreational open land – 172 acres in all – and the entire community will be woven with trails, bike paths and gardenways. So, there will be plenty of interesting places to go without ever leaving Baseline and, in fact, without ever getting into a car. Finally, there is an innovative new STEM school planned which will provide students with hands-on experience with STEM industry professionals. The Butterfly Pavilion will also make Baseline its new home in the coming years. Baseline, located at I-25, the Northwest Parkway and Baseline Road, is envisioned as a new economic center of gravity that will complete the Denver/Boulder triangle.

Baseline’s plan for environmental stewardship, healthy living and innovation is ambitious. It’ll take time to fulfill Baseline’s vision for a more sustainable future, as a hub for science, hospitality, and commerce. However, there is already much here to enjoy. Like the extensive regional trail system, parks and open land surrounding Baseline. Some of Broomfield’s best shopping and dining is just minutes away. And as Baseline matures, with new parks and places to go opening regularly, it won’t be long before the Baseline plan looks like Baseline the place.

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Metro Districts

Homeowners at Baseline benefit from the ongoing improvements and the lasting value that is created by Metro Districts. They ensure infrastructure and improvements are up to standard, and that homeowner tax dollars are being spent wisely. Baseline’s Metro Districts are governmental entities responsible for financing the infrastructure needed to create this new community and for overseeing maintenance and improvements to open space, parks, detention ponds and other features. The Districts are governed by elected boards of directors, consisting of five members. This is paid for through homeowner property taxes, collected through a mill levy. We encourage you to learn more about Metro Districts during your homebuying journey.

For more information contact the District Manager from Pinnacle Consulting Group at or go to

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Whether walking, cycling or commuting via mass transit, Baseline is designed to give residents, retailers and commercial tenants a variety of ways to go places. We’ll have several miles of bike lanes, which will connect to the Broomfield Regional Trail System, and miles of walking paths. We’re also working to bring express bus service to Boulder. And RTD’s Bustang, which travels from Fort Collins to Denver’s Union Station, will stop at Baseline’s future transit hub.

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Sustainability is integrated into Baseline’s plan on multiple levels – from landscaping that uses less than half the water of other communities to carbon-footprint mapping that will guide us in minimizing our environmental impact over time. As the first-of-its-kind pollinator-friendly community, with a pedestrian/cycle-friendly trail network, Baseline’s design is an exciting new model for future communities to follow.

Baseline integrates nature into an urban environment for healthy living. Our Green Infrastructure includes 172 acres of natural and recreational open land, parks and pocket parks interconnected by trails and gardenways – 882 acres of walkable/bikeable terrain in all.

Our builders are committed to sustainability as well. For example, the DoMore Rows by Thrive Home Builders are solar-equipped and zero-energy ready. (We are encouraging solar panels for the entire community although not requiring them.) Paired homes by KB Home are designed to meet EPA Indoor airPLUS standards with high-performance ventilation systems, low- or zero-VOC products in insulation, paint, carpeting and cabinetry, and other features.

Our team is working closely with the Butterfly Pavilion (scheduled to relocate to Baseline in several years) and the High Plains Environmental Center to create the world’s first pollinator district. That means pollinator-friendly landscapes will attract invertebrates and birds that help crops grow, flowers spread, and natural ecosystems thrive. It also means educational synergy and bountiful urban gardens. Fun fact: The Butterfly Pavilion will include the world’s only stand-alone, AZA-accredited invertebrate zoo.

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Lot Size/Amenities

Baseline is focused on nature as an amenity. We’re creating an extensive trail network, adding acres of parks and restoring open land. The result is a walkable/bikeable community that encourages outdoor living and healthy interaction for all Baseline residents. There will be a swimming pool and clubhouse at the PARK40 Apartment Homes, however, those amenities are accessible only to those renters.

Baseline is being developed in phases. West Village is the first residential enclave, followed by Parkside Village, with other villages and the Center Street District coming online in a few years. The full buildout of our 1,100-acre community is expected to take place over the next 10-20 years. Unlike a sub-division or other smaller development in the metro area, Baseline is a master-planned community. So, it will require a longer-term buildout for completion. But it’ll be well worth the effort.

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