Baseline is the result of a dynamic coalition of partners. With a shared vision for a different idea of community. One that includes a refreshing mix of commercial, residential and recreational uses, and creates lasting value for homeowners, businesses, neighbors and the City of Broomfield.
Governance resources
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Baseline’s continued success is made possible thanks to three important not-for-profit governance entities: the Baseline Community Association (BCA), the Baseline Enrichment Community Collaboration Assembly (BECCA), and the Baseline Commercial Owners Association (BCOA). Information on the BCA and BECCA are available on the resident website. Learn more about the BCOA in the link below.

Design review
The Design Review Committee reviews proposed projects within Baseline

Let’s Collaborate.

Consistent quality in the community’s physical appearance, architecture and landscape is critical to Baseline’s long-term success. Baseline’s Design Review Committee (DRC) is here to ensure the inspired vision and ambitious placemaking goals for the Master Planned Community are met, and to assist applicants as they navigate the City and County of Broomfield’s permitting process.


Kim Perry

Dave Williams
DTJ Design

Jim Tolstrup
High Plains Environmental Center

Amy Yarger
Butterfly Pavilion


Sam Salazar
Senior Manager

Jordan Loe

Metro districts information
A view of Denver and the mountains - Baseline's Metro District benefits homebuyers

What are Metro Districts?

Homeowners at Baseline benefit from the ongoing improvements and the lasting value that is created by Metro Districts. They ensure infrastructure and improvements are up to standard, and that homeowner tax dollars are being spent wisely. Baseline’s Metro Districts are governmental entities responsible for financing the infrastructure needed to create this new community and for overseeing maintenance and improvements to open space, parks, detention ponds and other features. The Districts are governed by elected boards of directors, consisting of five members. This is paid for through homeowner property taxes, collected through a mill levy. We encourage you to learn more about Metro Districts during your homebuying journey.