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The mission of Baseline’s Design Review Committee is to protect the community’s overarching vision and assist applicants as they navigate the City and County of Broomfield’s permitting process.
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Committed to community

The Design Review Committee (DRC) was formed to review and approve Development and Improvement Projects proposed within the Master Planned Community for compliance with established Performance Standards. The intent is to encourage creative individual site planning, as well as architectural and landscaping statements that, when viewed as a whole, produce an outstanding environment. The DRC’s goal is to create a genuine sense of community and harmony between the natural and the built environment. All improvements within the Master Planned Community are required to be reviewed by the DRC prior to submitting applications to the  City of Broomfield, including (but not limited to): site planning, architecture, landscape, lighting, and signage.

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A house with a balcony and a lease.
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Residential Design Guidelines

Coming Soon Parkside West Homeowner Modifications & Design

Parkside West Builder Design Guidelines

Coming Soon

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A rental patio with chairs and a fire pit.

Our committee

Design Review Committee Members

Kim Perry


Dave Williams

DTJ Design

Jim Tolstrup

High Plains Environmental Center

Amy Yarger

Butterfly Pavilion


Design Review Committee Staff

Sam Salazar

Senior Manager

Jordan Loe



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