Our Story

We believe design matters, pedestrians have the right of way, and life happens at all times of day and night. We believe town should live in harmony with nature, and people need their space but they also need each other. And we believe all things are connected: home to business, city to nature, now to the future.
Habitat for Humans
People at Baseline's future Center Street business district

Habitat for humans.

Baseline is the intersection of urban life and outdoor adventure. It was conceived for people who are social by nature and those who regularly gaze west towards the Rockies to remind themselves why they live in Colorado. Designed around Center Street, Baseline is being designed to have a walkable business district with lots to do and a vibe all its own.

Center Street rendering - Baseline's new office and retail district

There’s a new town in town

Baseline’s Center Street District will come alive with the beating heart of a real town – complete with local retailers, farm-to-table dining, cafés, beer gardens and year-round events at the public square. And yet the mix of uses goes beyond retail variety. Baseline will also be home to creative companies, professional offices, innovative schools, scientific institutions, and artists of all kinds. All while striking a careful balance with the natural world.

Adams 12 STEM school rendering - a K-12 school planned for Baseline

Get smart

Here, education is more than a curriculum, it’s an ethos, part of Baseline’s identity from day one. At the earliest stages of planning we invited scientists, educators, horticulturalists and innovators to help us co-create the next generation mixed-use community. From hands-on learning opportunities to top-rated schools, Baseline is designed to inspire a natural sense of curiosity. And a state-of-the-art K-12 Adams 12 STEM School is being planned as the physical embodiment of Baseline’s educational focus.

Colorful mural at Baseline, with homes for sale near Denver, CO Colorful mural at Baseline, with homes for sale near Denver, CO
It’s important that we don’t draw distinct lines between urban and nature. That these really are connected.
Greg Dorolek
Principal – Wenk Associates Landscape Architects
Green Infrastructure
A woman holds a a bouquet of herbs at Baseline, one of the best neighborhoods near Denver, CO

Green infrastructure.

For everything that is built, we leave a little something unbuilt. Where nature can take root and the land can breathe.

A network of fields, parks and trails

Infrastructure is not just about roads and bridges, it’s about how people live. Baseline’s green infrastructure is designed to weave a little wild into an urban environment with a network of high-plains-inspired parks and trails. Starting with the Parklands. Its Big Green and Amphitheater will be places to gather. Its pathways and Promenade will be places to meander. Its natural areas and Outcrop will be places to retreat. And its playgrounds and sport courts are planned as a daily invitation to stay active.

A gardener tends to her plants at Baseline, one of the best neighborhoods to live in near Denver


Here, sustainability is integrated into the plan in thoughtful new ways. From landscaping that uses less than half the water of other developments to carbon-footprint mapping that will guide us in minimizing our environmental impact over time. And with a first-of-its-kind pollinator-friendly ecosystem, and a pedestrian/cycle-friendly trail network, Baseline’s design is an exciting new model for future communities to follow.

An artist's rendering of rental townhomes with a green roof available for lease.

Butterfly Pavilion: Taking flight 2027

A brand new, 81,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art invertebrate zoo and research center, anchoring Baseline’s Center Street District and backing to Butterfly Park, is planned to open in 2027. The Butterfly Pavilion’s new home will spread knowledge about our dependence on a diverse insect ecosystem and be one of the region’s more fascinating attractions. It is the world’s only stand-alone facility dedicated solely to invertebrates and accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Child with butterfly sitting on her finger at Baseline, future home of the Butterfly Pavilion Child with butterfly sitting on her finger at Baseline, future home of the Butterfly Pavilion
If we do our job right, we can be creating the next generation of leaders for environmental stewardship and conservation around the world.
Rob O’Dea
Board Chairman – Butterfly Pavilion
The butterfly effect
The butterfly effect infographic shows the cross pollination between businesses, ideas and cultures at Baseline

butterfly effect.

Pollinators allow plants to reproduce, crops to seed, fruit to grow and native landscapes to thrive. Baseline’s parks and urban gardens are designed as a healthy pollinator habitat, creating a beautiful balance between plants and invertebrates. As a metaphor, the butterfly effect is the cross pollination between businesses, ideas and cultures and the blossoming of a synergetic, multipurpose community.

A bee sits on a flower at Baseline, a best neighborhood near Boulder

Pollinator-Friendly Landscapes

Guided by the Butterfly Pavilion coming in 2027, Baseline is setting a new standard for sustainability with a pollinator-friendly model. Where birds, bees, butterflies, and humans will find healthy habitat among the flowers and trees.

Baseline is the first of many
certified pollinator districts

A child gardens at Baseline, a best neighborhood near Boulder
Icon of a scientific beaker to represent Baseline's future Adams 12 STEM school

Educational Synergy

Adams 12 STEM school students will benefit from collaboration with the Butterfly Pavilion, Broomfield Library satellite branch, and relationships with over 500 STEM Industry Partners.

An urban gardener hands over a bowl of fresh tomatoes at Baseline, a Denver/Boulder neighborhood
Icon of a barn to represent Baseline's urban gardens

Urban Gardens

A productive landscape is envisioned as a way to provide seasonal harvests to residents and Center Street restaurants, for fresher salads and locally sourced micro brew ingredients.

A group of people dining at the Center Street retail district in Baseline
Icon of a business to represent Baseline's Center Street District

Center Street District

Baseline’s urban core will thrive on the free flow of ideas and cooperative ventures between businesses, artists, and educators – resulting in a creative culture and a home for social butterflies.

Two hands making a heart shape on a blue wall in an apartment. Two hands making a heart shape on a blue wall in an apartment.
Metropolitan Districts are a tool to fund public infrastructure like roads, parks and trails so that the supply of housing can keep up with the demand for new homes as Colorado continues to grow.
Metro District Education Coalition
Metro Districts
A group of people toasting at a table in a greenhouse, celebrating their new lease on a set of townhomes.

Baseline’s mighty Metro Districts.

Fulfilling the Baseline vision would not be possible without our Metro Districts. The Metro Districts allow our community to invest in itself by funding important public infrastructure like roads, parks and trails. Which creates value and enriches quality of life for homeowners as Baseline grows.