Baseline Commercial Owners’ Association

As Baseline’s commercial mix grows the Baseline Commercial Owners Association (BCOA) is working to ensure the Baseline commercial vision for a new economic center gravity and welcoming sustainably designed community hub is achieved and maintained.
A yellow flower bed in front of a rental house.

BCOA Governance

BCOA preserves Baseline’s special commercial landscapes and unique public settings by ensuring that community standards are maintained. Governed by a Board of Directors, with assistance from a Community Operations Manager, the BCOA enforces the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions applicable to the commercial areas within Baseline—a flexible system of standards and procedures for the overall development, administration, and preservation of the commercial portions of Baseline. All commercial property owners are members of the BCOA.

Feel free to contact the BCOA about commercial governance and operations, assessment and fees, landscape and maintenance of commercial areas, and commercial guidelines for compliance and design review applications.

A group of people are sitting in a rental lobby.
A woman riding a rental bike.

BCOA Member Contact & Board


Lisa Bradley

Executive Director

Board Members

Kim Perry


Kyle Harris

Senior Vice President

Wendy Messinger