The Great

The B from the Baseline logo in a triangle
Welcome to Baseline – located at the junction of I-25, Northwest Parkway (E-470) and Baseline Road, envisioned as a new economic center that completes the Denver/Boulder triangle. Part dining district, part business hub, part science campus, and a new way to live in Broomfield, Colorado.

The suburbs will never be the same.

More than a collection of new homes, Baseline’s Villages are a gathering of people brought together by a creative spirit and a lifestyle that champions the outdoors. Urban-esque homes are oriented around parks, surrounded by natural and recreational green space, all connected by trails and bike lanes. It all started with West Village and two great parks. Next up is Parkside West, which is planned to have two neighborhood parks of its own and border the future Parklands, Baseline’s sprawling linear park.

A woman holds a flower contained by a triangle to represent Baseline as the hub for Denver/Boulder homes

The butcher, the baker and the cross-pollinator.

Distinctly human-scaled, with the heart of a real town, Baseline is designed as the next generation of sustainable urban centers. Anticipating new ideas for people and businesses—with an intentional mix of uses that can provide for one’s daily needs within a short walk or bike ride—Baseline will include a fresh mix of new home choices. The result is a complete community for people of all kinds.
A mother and young son walk on a trail at Baseline, with new homes for sale near Lafayette CO

Just a little wild.

To the west, vistas of the Rocky Mountains will serve as backdrop to new homes planned around neighborhood parks. A robust trail system will be designed to link each village and wind its way through Baseline’s mix of Parklands and urban centers. A productive landscape is envisioned as part of a pollinator-friendly ecosystem, while generous “outdoor rooms” will engage the community with Baseline’s wide-open spaces.

Baseline map - new homes for sale between Denver and Boulder

Completing the Denver/Boulder triangle.

With Denver directly south and Boulder directly west, Baseline is the anticipated hub that brings them both together. Not just geometrically or even geographically but culturally and economically. Baseline is designed to be a mix of urban energy and relaxed outdoor vibes. Yin and yang. City with a side of nature. And just what Broomfield, Colorado needs.

What’s happening?

Baseline is a place with a lot going on. Stay in the know about our progress as Baseline grows. And as the community takes shape, with resident events organized by DMB Community Life, it is destined to become a hub of creativity and social activity.

Jul 19, 2022

Last week, Broomfield multimedia artist K. Vuletich worked on two permanent installations at the Basin in Baseline — a hopscotch obstacle course and a “coloring page.” Learn more about this artist helping to bring Baseline to life.