The Big Green at Baseline by McWhinney
February 27, 2024
Big Green groundbreaking begins Parklands project
Work is underway on Baseline’s 62-acre central linear greenspace. It began with a groundbreaking on The Big Green, which is envisioned as a hub of activity—a linear promenade and grassy expanse with room for play and events of all sizes. Phase one of the Parklands will also feature habitat restoration along Preble Creek, a loop trail for strolling, benches and a future overlook structure.
A group of buildings with cars and people on bicycles.
February 16, 2024
Mitch Traeger’s inspiration for the Limited Edition home series
The architect behind Baseline’s newest offering of homes by Boulder Creek Neighborhoods discusses what inspired the contemporary, three-story single-family homes. It turns out, the homes are inspired by Baseline itself, “a forward-looking, progressive community,” Mitch Traeger, architect and Design Principal for Boulder Creek Neighborhoods said in a recent interview. That and the lifestyle of a Colorado homebuyer.
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