June 25, 2023

BCAH Science & Art Fair

Published: June 29, 2023
Colorful face wall mural Broomfield, CO

 Sunday, June 25 | 1pm-3pm at Brunner Farmhouse | 640 Main St. 

This free event will give attendees an opportunity to explore their creativity at interactive booths and learn about agriculture, Colorado ecosystem and local wildlife. And an added bonus — you can get up close to live wildlife ambassadors, like raptors and owls! Partners who make this event possible: Brunner Farmhouse & Gardens Committee, CSU Extension-Broomfield, and many more!  

This event is part of the Science + Art Experiences program that brings together science and art to demonstrate that, at the foundation of these sectors, is creativity which is key to innovation, exploration, artistic creation, and a healthy, well-balanced life. More information available here.