Meet the Artist: K. Vuletich

July 19, 2022
A woman kneeling next to a painting of a woman in a rental apartment.

Last week, Broomfield multimedia artist K. Vuletich worked on two permanent installations at the Basin in Baseline — a hopscotch obstacle course and a “coloring page.”

Much of her inspiration comes from the hidden stories that exist in seemingly ordinary people and objects. “Just as broken pottery can become antiquity with time, something as small as a honeybee can be transformed into a gallery-worthy work of art and reveal a larger narrative about ourselves, our environment, and our relationship to the natural world,” says Vuletich.

She began her training at Regis University, under the mentorship of artist Tony Ortega, where she became interested in collaboration, mixed media collage, and pop art.

By incorporating found objects into her art, she aims to re-purpose and create something beautiful and compelling from something that would otherwise be unwanted.

In 2018, Vuletich received Colorado Creative Industries’ Career Advancement Grant and was a recipient of Denver Arts and Venues’ Urban Arts Fund. These grants gave Vuletich the opportunity to expand her collaboration with under-served, under-represented youth and to continue experimenting with multimedia installations.

Since then, Vuletich founded The Big Delicious, a Colorado-based art collective with a focus on art education and site-specific, collaborative installation.

You can learn more about Vuletich on her website or by following her on Instagram @kvuletich. If you missed her last week, you’ll have one more opportunity to watch this artist in action when she returns to Baseline, August 20, to create an interactive chalk piece at Checker Square for Honeybee Day.