Friday Virtual Art Show

April 27, 2020
Artwork from the Friday virtual art show in the hottest neighborhood near Denver

Social distancing has made it virtually impossible to go to an art show. Luckily, there’s an art show that comes to you … virtually.

Our friends at the Broomfield Council on the Art & Humanities (BCAH), in partnership with the Broomfield Art Guild and the Chamber Ensemble con Grazia, put together a semi-regular Friday showcase of the community’s best visual art. 

It’s a cavalcade of delightful paintings, photographs and other works, edited into a video and set to music. All you have to do is click over to their YouTube channel, kick back and let the creative vibe wash over you. It’s the perfect Friday afternoon activity. 

Here’s the really exciting news. The BCAH is looking for entries. If you have a creative project you’d like to share, this is your chance to connect with the arts community and be recognized as an artist. 

All ages are welcome to participate. So get your family’s drawings, sculptures, musical compositions or anything that you’ve been inspired to create ready and submit it to

We’re proud to support the BCAH because of the remarkable work they do connecting the community through creativity. We’re currently working with them to bring more community-based works of art to Baseline. Because, like butterflies to flowers, art brings people together. 

Watch the video here.