Social distancing has made it virtually impossible to go to an art show. Luckily, there’s an art show that comes to you … virtually.

Our friends at the Broomfield Council on the Art & Humanities (BCAH), in partnership with the Broomfield Art Guild and the Chamber Ensemble con Grazia, put together a semi-regular Friday showcase of the community’s best visual art. 

It’s a cavalcade of delightful paintings, photographs and other works, edited into a video and set to music. All you have to do is click over to their YouTube channel, kick back and let the creative vibe wash over you. It’s the perfect Friday afternoon activity. 

Here’s the really exciting news. The BCAH is looking for entries. If you have a creative project you’d like to share, this is your chance to connect with the arts community and be recognized as an artist. 

All ages are welcome to participate. So get your family’s drawings, sculptures, musical compositions or anything that you’ve been inspired to create ready and submit it to

We’re proud to support the BCAH because of the remarkable work they do connecting the community through creativity. We’re currently working with them to bring more community-based works of art to Baseline. Because, like butterflies to flowers, art brings people together. 

Watch the video here.

If there’s one thing that has taken on new relevance and a deeper meaning in the time of the coronavirus, it’s the place we call home. 

While you’re hunkered down, as we all are … working remotely, homeschooling, and collectively getting through these extraordinary circumstances, perhaps it’s time to think about your next home. 

A good time to buy a home may now be an even better time to buy a home, thanks to favorable interest rates and changing market conditions. 

As a result of the economy being in a sort of holding pattern, interest rates have dropped from one historic low to another. is reporting 3.5-percent on a 30-year-fixed loan, as of March 23, 2020.

And rates may be poised to drop a bit more thanks to recent actions by the federal government. Because of this, banks are seeing a lot of demand right now, which in some cases means slightly higher mortgage interest rates, so you’ll want to shop carefully.

Of course, a lower mortgage rate means a lower payment. Or it could mean more home. That is to say, a buyer can qualify for a bigger loan with the same monthly payment.

Maybe that translates to a bigger home or one with more high-end finishes and a gourmet kitchen. Or perhaps the home you thought you’d been priced out of in the neighborhood you loved is now within reach. 

But where do you start in order to take advantage of low rates? Talk to a few lenders and see who’s offering the best rate, with the lowest fees, and who might even be willing to waive closing costs. And when you find a great rate, think about locking it in right away.

Armed with the power of a pre-qualified, low-rate loan you’ll be well equipped to find your next home. One where you can sink your roots, and when you look back on this time, see a true silver lining. See what you qualify for